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smthdotuk’s twitter avatareListedA personally curated collection of design and front-end bookmarks.
Screenshot of https://elisted.org/
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarGig summariesTwo word summaries of music gigs I've attended, since 2019
Screenshot of https://gigs.smth.uk/
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarManif.es/toA design manifesto.
Screenshot of https://manif.es/to/
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarProper NounA collection of names (and, more importantly, faces).
Screenshot of https://propernoun.smth.uk/
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarSam SmithDesigner, coder, and occasional blogger and photographer.
Screenshot of https://smth.uk/
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarUninstallAlternatives to big tech products.
Screenshot of https://uninstall.tech/