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hybrid_alex’s twitter avatarUS Coffee RoastersCrowd-sourced list of US coffee roastersIncludes sample source code.
deletescape’s twitter avatardeletescape (Till Kottmann)Till Kottmann, Android developer and tinkerer.
derekhoman’s twitter avatarThe Ramblings of Derek Homanprogrammer, nerd, humanIncludes sample source code.
cathy_dutton’s twitter avatarCathy DuttonI’m Cathy Dutton a human centered designer from Cheshire, I design and build inclusive services focusing on usability, accessibility and information architecture.Includes sample source code.
chinchang457’s twitter avatarKushagra’s WorldI am Kushagra Gour a.k.a. Chin Chang (on the Internet). I live in India, working as a Indie Product Maker, building stuff.Includes sample source code.
Chercheur d'ArtIntended for art historians and collectors of old masters paintings, make use of the latest web technologies for image processing.
Content ThreadA digital agency and consulting firm specializing in AEM
StateboxStatebox is building a formally verified process language using robust mathematical principles to prevent errors, allow compositionality and ensure termination.
alex_kaul’s twitter avatarDeBitpay DirectoryWanted to buy something with Bitcoin, but the merchant uses BitPay? Find alternatives accepting Bitcoin without it.Includes sample source code.
Soldier PackersSoldier special packers & movers in Agartala is trusted one packers & movers company, providing different type of moving services.
CasseyLottman’s twitter avatarToday Cassey LearnedThings that Cassey has learned today.Includes sample source code.
LewicowoA portal devoted to the traditions of the Polish democratic, patriotic and non-communist left.
dennisview’s twitter avatarDennis HagemeierPersonal website of Dennis Hagemeier, Digital Marketing Manager from Germany.Includes sample source code.
calum_ryan’s twitter avatarIndieWebGuidesClear, simple guides to taking greater control of your data on the Web.
reubenlillie’s twitter avatarReuben L. LillieA portfolio site written entirely with *.11ty.js templates and hosted by NetlifyIncludes sample source code.
netlify’s twitter avatarNetlify TemplatesThis is a board with templates for static site generators and boilerplates.Includes sample source code.
eleven_ty’s twitter avatarEleventy DocsSpoiler alert: it’s this web site.Includes sample source code.
mxbck’s twitter avatarMax BöckI’m Max Böck, a frontend web developer and designer based in Vienna, Austria.Includes sample source code.
genehack’s twitter avatargenehack.blogold skool blog moved to a new school domain
filamentgroup’s twitter avatarFilament GroupWe help companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone.
redsesame’s twitter avatarThe Future is Like PieMy name is Lisa Maria Martin, and I am an independent consultant, writer, speaker, and editor.
layoutplusplus’s twitter avatarEvery LayoutThrough a series of simple, composable layouts, Every Layout will teach you how to better harness the built-in algorithms that power browsers and CSS.
mirisuzanne’s twitter avatarMiriam Suzannepersonal site for everything Miriam creates as an author, web developer, musician, and playwright…
Daffodil PedagogyDaffodil Pedagogy is a tutorial home at Agartala that offers tuitions to nursery kids who needs special support to groom and adapt to educational challenges.
hybrid_alex’s twitter avatarAlex CarpenterFront-end Web DeveloperIncludes sample source code.
okitavera’s twitter avatarNanda OkitaveraI am UX Designer and Kotlin-Android Developer from an exotic country called Indonesia.Includes sample source code.
markboulton’s twitter avatarMark BoultonA designer leading digital communications at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.
Café IsoCafé/dinette du quartier, Montréal, Québec.
KackDev’s twitter avatarKackDevCartoons from the life of a developer.Includes sample source code.
surajsjdhv’s twitter avatarSuraj JadhavA personal website for Suraj JadhavIncludes sample source code.
maelb’s twitter avatarconsole.❤️A collection of funny, quirky and lovely console messages from around the webIncludes sample source code.
bmeurer’s twitter avatarBenedikt MeurerJavaScript engine hackerIncludes sample source code.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarSet Your Watch ByA static site generated clock! Runs a Netlify build every minute.Includes sample source code.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarWeb Components ClubA blog to document my learning about web components.Includes sample source code.
uclaUSAC’s twitter avatarUCLA Undergraduate Students AssociationOfficial website of the Undergraduate Students Association, whose membership is comprised of every undergraduate student at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
ajmalafif’s twitter avatarAjmal AfifI am a digital designer by trade. Always trying to make time to code more. I really enjoy learning and naturally feel it's a very rewarding experience.
frontendnorth’s twitter avatarFront End North ConferenceA welcoming conference for developers and designers who work on the web.
johanbrook’s twitter avatarJohan BrookThe personal website of Johan, a Swedish designer & developerIncludes sample source code.
shuttersh’s twitter avatarShutter DocumentationA tool for Visual Snapshot TestingIncludes sample source code.
csakiistvan’s twitter avatarThe Ultimate EU test BookEurope's no.1 best seller preparation book for EPSO exams to get an EU job and start a life-long career in the EU institutions.
hj_chen’s twitter avatarDevRel DiariesWords, design and code, by Chen Hui Jing
polymer’s twitter avatarPolymer Lit Element StarterSample component project using LitElement with TypeScriptIncludes sample source code.
CØASTLINECØASTLINE is a pop punk band based in the Sarasota, FL.Includes sample source code.
VTCodeCamp’s twitter avatarVT Code CampVT Code Camp is a free, full day, multi-track development conferenceIncludes sample source code.
AndreaCorinti’s twitter avatarAndrea CorintiAn Italian Web World citizen.Includes sample source code.
pborenstein’s twitter avatarpborensteinI’m Philip Borenstein. I write documentation for developers.Includes sample source code.
iceMagic’s twitter avatarEystein Mack AlnæsInteraction Designer and Frontend Web Developer
ryzokuken’s twitter avatarUjjwal “Ryzokuken” SharmaCore collaborator @nodejs, Prole @electronjs. International Speaker and JavaScript/C++ developer. Helping out with @v8js and @tc39. GSoC mentor and ex-student.Includes sample source code.
nhoizey’s twitter avatarnho.ioThe personnal short URL manager of Nicolas Hoizey, using 1y, powered by Eleventy
misprintedtype’s twitter avatarOla GasidloDaughter driven development.Includes sample source code.
realglenndixon’s twitter avatarThe DixonsA Colonial Quaker FamilyIncludes sample source code.
MannahFdn’s twitter avatarMannah FoundationEmpowering individuals to make great changes.
WiltoMakesFood’s twitter avatarWilto Makes FoodThe professional cooking site of Mat Marquis.Includes sample source code.
saschadiercks’s twitter avatarDesign System with 11tyThis is a design system documentation powered by eleventyIncludes sample source code.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarEvent listing from NotistAn example of Notist's JSON feed driving event listings on your own, pre-rendered site.Includes sample source code.
jeremyswinnen’s twitter avatarJeremy SwinnenJeremy Swinnen is a designer and creative developer focused on building digital products and web experiences for a multitude of platforms.Includes sample source code.
nejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF 2019A single day, single track Web Development conference.
auradix’s twitter avatarAuradixOfficial website of Auradix Pvt Ltd
saschadiercks’s twitter avatarSascha DiercksHi, ich bin Sascha - ich kümmere mich um das Interface
lp_cast’s twitter avatarLPAmateur music podcast (in Russian)Includes sample source code.
christian_fei’s twitter avatarChristian FeiMy personal blog.Includes sample source code.
dandevri’s twitter avatarDanny de VriesThis is the personal site of Danny de Vries, Indie Maker building digital products for the web and lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.Includes sample source code.
jeffposnick’s twitter avatarJeff PosnickThe blog of Jeff Posnick (of Google's Web DevRel Team)Includes sample source code.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarMedium to Small JAMstackA demo of generating an JAMstack site from an RSS feedIncludes sample source code.
nejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF HistoryThe history of all five NEJS CONF Web Development conferences.Includes sample source code.
Coral Sea Cable SystemThe Coral Sea Cable System is a 4,700km long fibre optic submarine cable system linking Sydney, Australia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and Honiara, Solomon Islands.
ivoputzer’s twitter avatarIvo von Putzer ReibeggBlog featuring software development, agile, project ideas, events, real-life stories, cryptocurrency and everything else development-related.Includes sample source code.
leedsjs’s twitter avatarLeedsJSLeedsJS is a free, monthly meetup based in Leeds. We focus on JavaScript in all it's forms, whether that's frontend development, Node.js or hardware.Includes sample source code.
BryceWrayTX’s twitter avatarBryce WrayJust an old fart on the Internet — Opinions, observations, geekery.Includes sample source code.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarAndy BellThe personal web site of Andy Bell, a front-end developer and designer with No Divide
v8js’s twitter avatarGoogle V8V8 is Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, written in C++.Includes sample source code.
Tobias SchmidtA tech consultant in Munich.
kleinfreund’s twitter avatarkleinfreund.deThe personal web site of Philipp, a web developer from Weimar, Germany.Includes sample source code.
chriskrycho’s twitter avatarChris KrychoSoftware engineering, writing, podcasting, occasional composing, theology, art...Includes sample source code.
bridgetstewart’s twitter avatarbridgestewAs a proper curmudgeon, I have thoughts to hurl at a non-existent audience who didn't ask for my opinion.
redsesame’s twitter avatarEveryday Information Architecture“The creative organization of information creates new information,” wrote architect Richard Saul Wurman. This axiom is at the core of our work. When we organize information—that is, when we structure it, order it, display it, label it, connect it—we alter it. We change how information will be perceived, for better or for worse.Includes sample source code.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarPersonal sites are awesome!Personal sites are awesome, so this site was built so we can all discover each others.Includes sample source code.
shannonethomas’s twitter avatarShannon E. ThomasA gallery of techno surrealistic paintings.
DavidDarnes’s twitter avatarDavid DarnesAnchor Themes is a site showcasing themes for, and sites using, Anchor CMS.Includes sample source code.
tomayac’s twitter avatarThomas SteinerThe personal blog of Thomas Steiner.Includes sample source code.
netlify’s twitter avatarAsk questions. Get answers.Gerald and Phil are collecting your questions and will answer as many as they can in a series of videos, tutorials and blog posts.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarJamstack Comments EngineAn example of a comments engine you could add to any JAMstack site hosted on Netlify.Includes sample source code.
DesudoUnified Control Solutions. Pro Audio User Interfaces & Control Protocols
ajmalafif’s twitter avatarTsuwaveSmall Shopify Experts agency since 2013!
ramigsDev’s twitter avatarRami ShashatiMy website and tech blog, powered by Eleventy and GulpIncludes sample source code.
paulrobertlloyd’s twitter avatarPaul Robert LloydPaul is an independent designer, writer and speaker based in Brighton, England.Includes sample source code.
jeremenichelli’s twitter avatarJeremias MenichelliFront end engineer with experience in design systems, performance and architecture. Includes sample source code.
bigandy’s twitter avatarAndrew HudsonThe blog, CV, and home on the internet for Andrew Hudson.Includes sample source code.
jamesdoc’s twitter avatarJames DocSitting at the intersection of Christianity and technology…Includes sample source code.
ffconf’s twitter avatarffconfffconf is a full day of eight carefully curated sessions for an audience that cares about the future of the web, and who want their ideas challenged.Includes sample source code.
DasSurma’s twitter avatarSurmaWeb Advocate @Google. Internetrovert 🏳️‍🌈 Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.Includes sample source code.
geteslint’s twitter avatarESLintFind and fix problems in your JavaScript code.Includes sample source code.
joshuakeel’s twitter avatarJoshua KeelPersonal website of Joshua Keel, developer and writer.Includes sample source code.
mmatuzo’s twitter avatarManuel MatuzovićHi! 🍻 I'm a frontend developer from Vienna. I'm specialized in HTML, accessibility, and CSS layout and architecture.Includes sample source code.
wilto’s twitter avatarMat “Wilto” MarquisMy name is Mat “Wilto” Marquis, and I make websites.Includes sample source code.
duncan’s twitter avatarDuncan DavidsonSoftware developer, startup advocate, speaker, book author, and photographer.Includes sample source code.
polarbirke’s twitter avatarannualbetaThe personal website & blog of Søren Birkemeyer, a front-end developer from Bonn, Germany
kula.blogPersonal blog with book reviews and a little programming opinions.
fontspeedA faster way to load web fonts.Includes sample source code.
unabridgedsoft’s twitter avatarUnabridged SoftwareUnabridged Software specializes in creating robust products that remain easy to change over time.
splitinfinities’s twitter avatarSplit InfinitiesThe professional website of William M. Riley.Includes sample source code.
HiberGlobal’s twitter avatarHiber GlobalHiber - Low cost, Low power IoT connectivity.
scottishstoater’s twitter avatarChris CollinsThe personal web site of Chris Collins, a web designer and developer from Scotland.Includes sample source code.
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarSam SmithDesigner, coder, and occasional blogger and photographer.
nhoizey’s twitter avatarNicolas HoizeyThe personnal website of Nicolas Hoizey, passionate about the Web and photography, among many other interests. Using Eleventy, responsive images with Cloudinary, Webmention, search with Algolia, etc.Includes sample source code.
tproli’s twitter avatarRoland TothThe portfolio site of Roland Toth
bartzia’s twitter avatarIván BarciaWeb Designer and developer interested in CSS, JavaScript, Design, UX, Product Development, and all about frontend stuff.Includes sample source code.
pepopowitz’s twitter avatarSteven HicksI'm Steven Hicks. I am a web generalist with 20 years of experience. I'm currently focused on React development.
_fricca_’s twitter avatarCorina RudelPersonal web site & portfolioIncludes sample source code.
robinrendle’s twitter avatarRobin RendleI’m a web designer from the south west of England and now I live in cloudy San Francisco where I work as a product designer at Gusto.
minamarkham’s twitter avatarFormationA shell script to set up a macOS machine for design and development.Includes sample source code.
bertrandkeller’s twitter avatarBertrand KellerQuality audits dashboard - Comparing websites performance and energy impact
Kata BiásKata is an interior designer based in Hungary.
snookca’s twitter avatarFifty by FiftyOn a Quest to Eat at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Before I Turn 50.Includes sample source code.
shreyasminocha’s twitter avatarThe Doon School Model United Nations 2019The official website for The Doon School Model United Nations (DSMUN) 2019.Includes sample source code.
André JaenischThe personal website of André Jaenisch. Web developer (mainly front-end), Analytics engineer and blogger.
minamarkham’s twitter avatarYoncéQueen Bey-inspired themes for Bash-It, Visual Studio Code, iTerm, Slack & Alfred.Includes sample source code.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarHawksworxThe blog, playground, and generally a home on the web for Phil Hawksworth.Includes sample source code.
jdsteinbach’s twitter avatarJames SteinbachThe personal web site of James Steinbach: Front-end architect, Speaker & Writer.Includes sample source code.
zellwk’s twitter avatarZell LiewThe place where Zell shares everything he knows about frontend development. Contains 300++ pages worth of articles and page content. Also has a workflow that includes Gulp for dealing with assets and circleci for continuous deployment.Includes sample source code.
zachleat’s twitter avatarZach LeathermanA 12+ years-running blog about web development.Includes sample source code.
juanfernandes’s twitter avatarJuan FernandesThe personal web site of Juan Fernandes, a freelance front-end developerIncludes sample source code.
ChromiumDev’s twitter avatarweb.devGet the web's modern capabilities on your own sites and apps with useful guidance and analysis from web.dev.Includes sample source code.
gvonkoss’s twitter avatarGabrielle von KossHi there 👋 I'm Gabi. I'm half caffeine, half human; I split most of my time between making physical and digital things.Includes sample source code.
jeromecoupe’s twitter avatarWebstoempJérôme Coupé is a web developer with a couple of blogposts detailing the move from Jekyll and how I use 11ty to build multilingual sites.Includes sample source code.
ChromiumDev’s twitter avatarChrome Dev Summit 2019Chrome Dev Summit is an annual conference where developers can learn about the latest tools and updates coming to the Google Chrome browser.Includes sample source code.
Jayanta ChakrabortiJayanta Chakraborti is an Associate Professor of Business Analytics and Digital Marketing at ICFAI University Tripura.
wilto’s twitter avatarI’m Mat. I make websites.My name is Mat “Wilto” Marquis, and I make websites.Includes sample source code.
bradtaunt’s twitter avatarBradley TauntFront-end designer & developerIncludes sample source code.
TheGreenGreek’s twitter avatarSia KaramalegosSia Karamalegos, a web performance engineer and front-end developerIncludes sample source code.
bseymour’s twitter avatarUnslump MeWords of inspiration - bringing you back to yourself.
ashur’s twitter avatarEats & DrinksA shortlist of our favorite spots in beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon.Includes sample source code.
MochaA feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun.Includes sample source code.
Chuanqi SunI built an information hub for a local mountain biking club, which won me lots of praises from bikers
brianfive’s twitter avatarBrian GershonA blog and bookmark site focused on Eleventy, JavaScript, Go and whatever else Brian finds interesting. Seattle area. Powered by Eleventy.
lookback’s twitter avatarLookbackTalk to your users. See how they’re using your app or website.
edwardhorsford’s twitter avatarEd HorsfordPortfolio website for London based designer Ed Horsford.
screenspan’s twitter avatarBrian Louis RamirezUser Experience Designer based in Germany. Blogging about UX, web performance, sustainability, productivity.
nejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF 2018A single day, single track Web Development conference.Includes sample source code.
cthos’s twitter avatarAlex WardHello! I'm Alex. I'm a hybrid Mobile app Architect and Consultant located in Portland, Oregon.
nhoizey’s twitter avatarPrecious PranaPrecious Prana is a wellness community that allows active mothers to recharge their batteries, to know how to manage their energy and to achieve a balance between personal, professional and family life.Includes sample source code.
mattradford’s twitter avatarMatt RadfordWeb Developer at 10°.Includes sample source code.
levimcg’s twitter avatarLevi McGranahanI'm a UX designer trying to help make the web more usable and accessible for everyone.Includes sample source code.
pianomanfrazier’s twitter avatarLilypond in MarkdownRender lilypond (sheet) music from inside a markdown file using 11ty.Includes sample source code.
cezaraugusto’s twitter avatarCezar AugustoI work at Brave, hacking on the client-side. I like talking about tooling, performance, and JavaScript.Includes sample source code.
css’s twitter avatarCSS Tricks ConferencesCSS-TRICKS presents Upcoming Conferences related to Front-End Design & Development.Includes sample source code.
LondonCSS’s twitter avatarLondon CSSLondon CSS is an event for anyone with an interest in CSS.Includes sample source code.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarDevelopurrsAn interview series where I talk to web professionals about their beloved pets...and tech, I suppose.
brob’s twitter avatarBut My Client Wants…Work at an agency or as a freelancer and want to use the JAMstack?Includes sample source code.
TheTalesOfImmo’s twitter avatarAethelA small, Eleventy-based static file generation environment which provides you with a tool to show off your collection of booze (or whatever else).Includes sample source code.
UWMadison’s twitter avatarUniversity of Wisconsin—MadisonThe great state University of Wisconsin should ever encourage that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found.
webinspectinc’s twitter avatarTimothy MillerThe personal website of Timothy Miller, a web devigner and big fan of 11ty.
khanacademy’s twitter avatarKhan Academy ReportKhan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
thatianrose’s twitter avatarIan RoseIan Rose is a designer living & working in New York City.Includes sample source code.
Neptun BrigádThe web site for an Open Theater Company
lahi_tapiola’s twitter avatarDuet Design SystemDuet provides a set of organized tools, patterns and practices that work as the foundation for LocalTapiola and Turva digital products and experiences.
CERN’s twitter avatarCERN WorldWideWeb Rebuild2019 rebuilding of the original NeXT web browser
dougneiner’s twitter avatarDN HandcraftedI’m a web developer by day with a passion for making things in the physical world.

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