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The random Eleventy Leaderboard shows the sites that exist that were built with Eleventy in at-most as random an order as JavaScript’s capability for randomness allows. There are 369 sites shown here. Rankings are updated whenever this site is built. Last generated 2020 August 05 at 21:24 UTC. Want to add your site to this list?

henrik’s twitter avatarThe Pug Automatic A blog by @henrik about Ruby, Elixir, Vim etc.
frontendnorth’s twitter avatarFront End North Conference A welcoming conference for developers and designers who work on the web.
hamandhoney’s twitter avatarHam & Honey The adventures of two little Jack Russell siblings
realglenndixon’s twitter avatarGlenn 2.0 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆New! Improved! Retired!
markboulton’s twitter avatarMark Boulton A designer leading digital communications at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.
ilikescience’s twitter avatarMatthew Ström Writing and occasional speaking from Matthew Ström
dave_powers’s twitter avatarDave Powers Personal site of Dave Powers. Web development and humor writing.
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarLes Chefs à Saint-Tropez Event website for a client
starshaped’s twitter avatarStar Shaped 🏆A blog about web development, knitting, and other assorted things.
tproli’s twitter avatarRoland Toth The portfolio site of Roland Toth
5t3ph’s twitter avatarStyle Stage A modern CSS showcase styled by community contributions. Learn and practice CSS in public - submit your stylesheet!
thegreengreek’s twitter avatarSia Karamalegos Sia Karamalegos, a web performance engineer and front-end developer
iwebst’s twitter avatarQuickChart An API that renders images of charts for embedding in email, chat, and other static contexts.
uwmadison’s twitter avatarUniversity of Wisconsin—Madison The great state University of Wisconsin should ever encourage that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found.
bmeurer’s twitter avatarBenedikt Meurer JavaScript engine hacker
joshuakeel’s twitter avatarJoshua Keel Personal website of Joshua Keel, developer and writer.
Default AvatarVitrag Group - Real Estate Company Website Real Estate website of Vitrag Group in Coonoor, The Nilgiris, India
tempertemper’s twitter avatartempertemper A blog by Martin Underhill, covering web and interaction design, accessibility, and front-end development
bseymour’s twitter avatarUnslump Me Words of inspiration - bringing you back to yourself.
scottw’s twitter avatarScottW.com Personal website of Scott Watermasysk
thisisvitto’s twitter avatarByte³ Brand new technology for the secure storage and transfer of merit data.
frontend_weekly’s twitter avatarVirga — A minimum Eleventy starter kit Virga is a minimum Eleventy starter kit for those who love to customize for your own needs. It is based on Hylia Starter Kit created by Andy Bell. And I'm also using it as my blog about Eleventy.
spiral11_’s twitter avatarSpiral11 A website where I explore spirituality and tools for energy healing and energy work.
originalzedders’s twitter avatar🚀DevSites Useful resources and sites for Devs
wilto’s twitter avatarI’m Mat. I make websites. My name is Mat “Wilto” Marquis, and I make websites.
aalexpaage’s twitter avatarAlex Page - Portfolio Modern technology and thoughtful design.
icemagic’s twitter avatarEystein Mack Alnæs Interaction Designer and Frontend Web Developer
ddprrt’s twitter avatarfettblog.eu - A web blog TypeScript, JavaScript, all things web development
ajmalafif’s twitter avatarTsuwave Small Shopify Experts agency since 2013!
Default AvatarDarren Hickling's Blog Coder, husband, father, occasionally funny.
screenspan’s twitter avatarBrian Louis Ramirez User Experience Designer based in Germany. Blogging about UX, web performance, sustainability, productivity.
thetalesofimmo’s twitter avatarAethel A small, Eleventy-based static file generation environment which provides you with a tool to show off your collection of booze (or whatever else).
minamarkham’s twitter avatarFormation A shell script to set up a macOS machine for design and development.
shidhincr’s twitter avatarUndefinedNull.com - Shidhin’s Blog The personal website & blog of Shidhin CR ( Front end engineer & Google Developer Expert ) from Dubai
nejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF History The history of all five NEJS CONF Web Development conferences.
bightconsulting’s twitter avatarBight Bight Consulting is Ned Zimmerman. I’m a web developer based in Camrose, Alberta.
markdorison’s twitter avatarMark Dorison Mark is a seasoned technical leader and developer, with an impressive portfolio of experience on both the web and iOS.
mattclaffey1’s twitter avatarPerformance Kit Uses blog starter kit with PWA functionality.
nejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF 2018 A single day, single track Web Development conference.
gerwitz’s twitter avatarHans Gerwitz A narcissistic personal blog, with two decades of content. Figuring out how to bring IndieWeb to a static site.
dkabardinov’s twitter avatarDmitrii Kabardinov’s Blog A minimalistic blog about web development.
luwes’s twitter avatarSinuous Light, fast, reactive JavaScript UI library.
Default AvatarAndré Jaenisch The personal website of André Jaenisch. Web developer (mainly front-end), Analytics engineer and blogger.
mirisuzanne’s twitter avatarMiriam Suzanne personal site for everything Miriam creates as an author, web developer, musician, and playwright…
polarbirke’s twitter avatarFantasybuchtipps.de ☆ Du suchst nach deinem nächsten Lieblingsbuch? Hier bist du richtig! Bei FBT findest du die Fantasy Bücher, die man einfach gelesen haben muss!
realglenndixon’s twitter avatarDixon Wildlife Art Original oil paintings on canvas and turkey feathers by the artist Philip Dixon
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarUninstall Alternatives to big tech products.
juanfernandes’s twitter avatarJuan Fernandes The personal web site of Juan Fernandes, a freelance front-end developer
mannahfdn’s twitter avatarMannah Foundation Empowering individuals to make great changes.
marcoslooten’s twitter avatarMarco Slooten’s Blog Personal website of Marco Slooten, producing content to help developers.
piccalilli_’s twitter avatarPiccalilli 🏆🏆🏆Dang spicy tutorials and courses to level you up as a front⁠-⁠end developer and designer
louisefindlay23’s twitter avatarLouise Findlay's Portfolio A personal portfolio from Front-End Developer, Louise Findlay.
equilibrario’s twitter avatarequilibrario | digital creative & holistic studio The creative and holistic studio of Silvia Fiamberti. Web & graphic design; shiatsu and well-being research.
webcomp_dev’s twitter avatarWebComponents.dev The Modern IDE for Web Platform Developers
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarRestaurant l'Hemingway Restaurant website for a client
bmkoser’s twitter avatarTen to One Podcast The Ten to One podcast makes top ten lists about everything
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarAndy’s Microblog A lightweight microblog for posting tweet-sized updates
adrivn’s twitter avatarBetterSetups Build a better desktop - Aggregator of battlestations and workstations
mattradford’s twitter avatarMatt Radford Web Developer at 10°.
jgarber’s twitter avatarThe Orchid Website for Washington, DC, instrumental post-rock band The Orchid.
cern’s twitter avatarCERN WorldWideWeb Rebuild 2019 rebuilding of the original NeXT web browser
mmatuzo’s twitter avatarManuel Matuzović Hi! 🍻 I'm a frontend developer from Vienna. I'm specialized in HTML, accessibility, and CSS layout and architecture.
ivoputzer’s twitter avatarIvo von Putzer Reibegg Blog featuring software development, agile, project ideas, events, real-life stories, cryptocurrency and everything else development-related.
webinspectinc’s twitter avatarTimothy Miller The personal website of Timothy Miller, a web devigner and big fan of 11ty.
saschadiercks’s twitter avatarDesign System with 11ty This is a design system documentation powered by eleventy
alshie’s twitter avatarsimpleERB Blog Blog for simpleERB, a simple restaurant diary & booking management system.
jouni_kantola’s twitter avatarJouni Kantola Blog. Also an over-engineered 🐍 PWA.
polarbirke’s twitter avatarannualbeta The personal website & blog of Søren Birkemeyer, a front-end developer from Bonn, Germany
Default AvatarCØASTLINE CØASTLINE is a pop punk band based in the Sarasota, FL.
genehack’s twitter avatargenehack.blog old skool blog moved to a new school domain
brycewraytx’s twitter avatarBryce Wray Just an old fart on the Internet — Opinions, observations, geekery.
kant312’s twitter avatarQuentin Delcourt The personal website of Quentin Delcourt, web developer with 15+ years of experience.
snookca’s twitter avatarFifty by Fifty On a Quest to Eat at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Before I Turn 50.
rbnsl_’s twitter avatarRohan Bansal Rohan Bansal's little slice of the Internet.
stedman’s twitter avatarSteve Stedman I lead teams that design and develop great web experiences.
sindreboyum’s twitter avatarSindre Bøyum’s website A personal website and mini blog about web development.
vtcodecamp’s twitter avatarVT Code Camp VT Code Camp is a free, full day, multi-track development conference
Default AvatarDesudo Unified Control Solutions. Pro Audio User Interfaces & Control Protocols
pustelto’s twitter avatarTomas Pustelnik’s blog Personal blog and website of frontend developer focusing on HTML/CSS, accessibility and performance.
thatianrose’s twitter avatarIan Rose Ian Rose is a designer living & working in New York City.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarJamstack Comments Engine An example of a comments engine you could add to any JAMstack site hosted on Netlify.
chromatichq’s twitter avatarChromatic Live Live chats about web technology from inside Chromatic, a digital web agency.
csakiistvan’s twitter avatarThe Ultimate EU test Book Europe's no.1 best seller preparation book for EPSO exams to get an EU job and start a life-long career in the EU institutions.
v8js’s twitter avatarGoogle V8 V8 is Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, written in C++.
christian_fei’s twitter avatarChristian Fei My personal blog.
londoncss’s twitter avatarLondon CSS London CSS is an event for anyone with an interest in CSS.
timseverien’s twitter avatarTim Severien’s Blog A blog about web development and creative coding
binyamingreen’s twitter avatarBinyamin Green Binyamin Green is a front-end developer and college student
cjamcl’s twitter avatarConnor Clark's Blog I develop web performance tooling a blog mostly about developer tools.
bertrandkeller’s twitter avatarBertrand Keller Quality audits dashboard - Comparing websites performance and energy impact
rowdyrabouw’s twitter avatarRowdy Codes Freelance web developer and international tech speaker
kleinfreund’s twitter avatarkleinfreund.de The personal web site of Philipp, a web developer from Weimar, Germany.
justusthane’s twitter avatarjustus.ws A plain old personal website about technology, sewing, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
marutchell’s twitter avatarCusco USA — Progressive Enhancement Cusco suspension coil-over kits are used by professionals across the world in various genres of motorsports.
sm0kedev’s twitter avatarEleventy Html5UP TXT Static Site prototyped on top of Eleventy SSG and TXT Design by AppSeed.
calum_ryan’s twitter avatarIndieWebGuides Clear, simple guides to taking greater control of your data on the Web.
lecodeur’s twitter avatarMangoweb Mangoweb – Sweet & Healthy Web Development since 1999
scottmccracken’s twitter avatarScott McCracken Front-end web developer from Vermont. Most likely drinking coffee.
zellwk’s twitter avatarZell Liew The place where Zell shares everything he knows about frontend development. Contains 300++ pages worth of articles and page content. Also has a workflow that includes Gulp for dealing with assets and circleci for continuous deployment.
mattnortham’s twitter avatarMatt Northam The personal place on the web of Matt Northam, a front-end developer living in Bournemouth. Featuring photography, writing, and some other things.
gvonkoss’s twitter avatarGabrielle von Koss Hi there 👋 I'm Gabi. I'm half caffeine, half human; I split most of my time between making physical and digital things.
brob’s twitter avatarBut My Client Wants… Work at an agency or as a freelancer and want to use the JAMstack?
marutchell’s twitter avatarnuotsu / Mitchell Christ I make websites using semantic HTML and modern (S)CSS with the help of 11ty, Svelte, React, TypeScript and more!
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarPersonal sites are awesome! Personal sites are awesome, so this site was built so we can all discover each others.
Default AvatarDo I need bunting today? Find out if you need bunting today if you're in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
geteslint’s twitter avatarESLint Find and fix problems in your JavaScript code.
dgrammatiko’s twitter avatarDimitris Grammatikogiannis' Blog Words, mostly about web tech
lea_tortay’s twitter avatarLéa Tortay multilingual starter A multilingual eleventy website demo.
isfotis’s twitter avatarFotis' Photos Thoughts, walks, and a whole lot of photos.
shotplot’s twitter avatarshotplot A tool used to obtain spacial coordinates based on an ice hockey rink. Useful for hockey analytics geeks.
redsesame’s twitter avatarThe Future is Like Pie My name is Lisa Maria Martin, and I am an independent consultant, writer, speaker, and editor.
peruvianidol’s twitter avatarMike Aparicio’s Blog Sr. UI Engineer at Groupon, design systems. Writing about web design and development, video games, pop culture, basketball, and more.
alex_kaul’s twitter avatarDeBitpay Directory Wanted to buy something with Bitcoin, but the merchant uses BitPay? Find alternatives accepting Bitcoin without it.
lowercasetroy’s twitter avatartroyv.dev Read and watch as Troy Vassalotti learns his way around a computer on his portfolio and blog.
netlify’s twitter avatarAsk questions. Get answers. Gerald and Phil are collecting your questions and will answer as many as they can in a series of videos, tutorials and blog posts.
shuttersh’s twitter avatarShutter Documentation A tool for Visual Snapshot Testing
jlhernando’s twitter avatarJose Hernando - Tech SEO Blog A blog about technical SEO. From custom SEO scripts to specific tactics that will aim to help your SEO efforts.
duncan’s twitter avatarDuncan Davidson Software developer, startup advocate, speaker, book author, and photographer.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarMedium to Small JAMstack A demo of generating an JAMstack site from an RSS feed
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarMarc Filleul's portfolio My professional portfolio website as a front-end web developper
nhoizey’s twitter avatarPrecious Prana Precious Prana is a wellness community that allows active mothers to recharge their batteries, to know how to manage their energy and to achieve a balance between personal, professional and family life.
Default AvatarContent Thread A digital agency and consulting firm specializing in AEM
allanebdrup’s twitter avatarTalks about DevOps by Allan Ebdrup (Danish) Book a talk about DevOps, Continuous Delivery and modern development processes, given by Allan Ebdrup
bridgetstewart’s twitter avatarbridgestew As a proper curmudgeon, I have thoughts to hurl at a non-existent audience who didn't ask for my opinion.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarSet Your Watch By A static site generated clock! Runs a Netlify build every minute.
splitinfinities’s twitter avatarSplit Infinities The professional website of William M. Riley.
_fricca_’s twitter avatarCorina Rudel Personal web site & portfolio
khanacademy’s twitter avatarKhan Academy Report Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
paulrobertlloyd’s twitter avatarPaul Robert Lloyd 🏆🏆🏆🏆Paul is an independent designer, writer and speaker based in Brighton, England.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarEducation Links 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆A collection of links to help you and your kids to access loads of resources from around the web.
frontend_weekly’s twitter avatarFrontend Weekly Tokyo 🏆Frontend Weekly Tokyo is a weekly frontend roundup from Tokyo, Japan
dougneiner’s twitter avatarDN Handcrafted I’m a web developer by day with a passion for making things in the physical world.
kajrietberg’s twitter avatarKaj Rietberg Home of a front-end developer, learner and mountainbiker.
piotrswiderek’s twitter avatarAkademia Instytutu Spraw Obywatelskich A course for NGOs from Poland to raise their competences necessary for proper participation in the lawmaking process.
spekulatius1984’s twitter avatarPeter Thaleikis’ Blog Peter's personal blog about software development and entrepreneurship
hybrid_alex’s twitter avatarUS Coffee Roasters Crowd-sourced list of US coffee roasters
lahi_tapiola’s twitter avatarDuet Design System Duet provides a set of organized tools, patterns and practices that work as the foundation for LocalTapiola and Turva digital products and experiences.
divriots’s twitter avatar<div>riots We are in the Component age.
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarManif.es/to A design manifesto.
pborenstein’s twitter avatarpborenstein I’m Philip Borenstein. I write documentation for developers.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarAndy Bell The personal web site of Andy Bell, a front-end developer and designer with No Divide
flocke’s twitter avatarGrochtdreis.de My personal portfolio as a freelance frontend-developer
bassetts’s twitter avatarbrionykay's Streaming Schedule Twitch streaming schedule for brionykay.
smthdotuk’s twitter avatareListed A personally curated collection of design and front-end bookmarks.
phae’s twitter avatarFrances Berriman Frances Berriman's Blog
derekhoman’s twitter avatarThe Ramblings of Derek Homan programmer, nerd, human
Default AvatarScreen Read Help people learn how screen readers work.
piotrswiderek’s twitter avatarTkackie Łódzkie A site about the history and traditions of weaving in central Poland
mmatuzo’s twitter avatarHTMHell A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites.
lamplightdev’s twitter avatarlamplightdev - web development blog A personal blog site with a focus on web components, performance and progressive enhancement
spaghetti_emoji’s twitter avatarSpaghetti Directory a webring for the spaghetti fam
Default AvatarGuang Shi Personal website of Guang Shi. I am a postdoctoral researcher. I develop physical models for biological system.
netlify’s twitter avatarNetlify Templates This is a board with templates for static site generators and boilerplates.
cramforce’s twitter avatarIndustrial Empathy Malte Ubl's personal website. I write very occasionally about large-scale software design and web development.
progressionapp’s twitter avatarProgression blog The blog for Progression, a product to help teams support personal development and career growth
frontend_weekly’s twitter avatarSixty Six — Stop forgetting what I read Sixty Six is collection of quotes so I stop forgetting what I thought and/or read.
jamesdoc’s twitter avatarJames Doc Sitting at the intersection of Christianity and technology…
lp_cast’s twitter avatarLP Amateur music podcast (in Russian)
freetransityeg’s twitter avatarFree Transit Edmonton Working for a more connected, resilient, and just Edmonton.
Default AvatarStatebox Statebox is building a formally verified process language using robust mathematical principles to prevent errors, allow compositionality and ensure termination.
nhoizey’s twitter avatarPack11ty 🏆🏆Pack11ty is an heavily opinionated Eleventy template project created by Nicolas Hoizey.
daslaf’s twitter avatarOsman Cea This is the personal site of Osman Cea, frontend engineer and dev content creator.
hiberglobal’s twitter avatarHiber Global Hiber - Low cost, Low power IoT connectivity.
johanbrook’s twitter avatarJohan Brook The personal website of Johan, a Swedish designer & developer
manuelwieser’s twitter avatarmanu.ninja | Front-End Development, Games and Digital Art manu.ninja is the personal blog of Manuel Wieser, where he talks about front-end development, web development, coding, games and digital art
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarWeb Components Club 🏆🏆A blog to document my learning about web components.
fumesvoice’s twitter avatarThe Camera as a Microphone. Art. Photography. Ideas. Art magazine covering South East Asia and Asia Pacific. Fumes was started by two photographers in 2010. Non-profit.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarHebra Hebra is a skeletal Eleventy starter kit that gives you nothing but good ol’ HTML and an RSS feed. It serves as the ideal kick-off point for your projects.
lea_tortay’s twitter avatarLea Tortay snipcart demo A shop create with snipcart and eleventy.
bigandy’s twitter avatarAndrew Hudson The blog, CV, and home on the internet for Andrew Hudson.
eduardo__uribe’s twitter avatarPaper. - Eleventy Blog Theme A minimal content first blog theme for Eleventy.
Default AvatarNeptun Brigád The web site for an Open Theater Company
piotrswiderek’s twitter avatarLewicowo A portal devoted to the traditions of the Polish democratic, patriotic and non-communist left.
auradix’s twitter avatarAuradix Official website of Auradix Pvt Ltd
Default AvatarAndrew Rico A Homepage
redsesame’s twitter avatarEveryday Information Architecture “The creative organization of information creates new information,” wrote architect Richard Saul Wurman. This axiom is at the core of our work. When we organize information—that is, when we structure it, order it, display it, label it, connect it—we alter it. We change how information will be perceived, for better or for worse.
robinrendle’s twitter avatarRobin Rendle I’m a web designer from the south west of England and now I live in cloudy San Francisco where I work as a product designer at Gusto.
misprintedtype’s twitter avatarOla Gasidlo Daughter driven development.
uclausac’s twitter avatarUCLA Undergraduate Students Association Official website of the Undergraduate Students Association, whose membership is comprised of every undergraduate student at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
okitavera’s twitter avatarNanda Okitavera I am UX Designer and Kotlin-Android Developer from an exotic country called Indonesia.
css’s twitter avatarCSS Tricks Conferences CSS-TRICKS presents Upcoming Conferences related to Front-End Design & Development.
Default AvatarPFLRY.EU Paul Fleury's website in full AMP format. AMP stories, website creation and a blog about front-end
dermah’s twitter avatarblog.dermah.com Sputnik/Dermah attempts to blog regularly about software engineering, gaming, interactive art, but just ends up writing how-to articles.
slightlylate’s twitter avatarInfrequently Noted Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.
cathy_dutton’s twitter avatarCathy Dutton I’m Cathy Dutton a human centered designer from Cheshire, I design and build inclusive services focusing on usability, accessibility and information architecture.
hmillerdev’s twitter avatarHunter Miller’s Blog A web developer blog all about performance, UX, and my philosophy for building software on the web.
chocosculptress’s twitter avatarChocolate Sculptress Hi there, I'm Emily. A chocolate sculptress from Vermont.
hamatti’s twitter avatarJuha-Matti Santala's personal site Blog posts and guides on technology and community building.
jeremenichelli’s twitter avatarJeremias Menichelli Front end engineer with experience in design systems, performance and architecture.
zachleat’s twitter avatarZach Leatherman 🏆🏆🏆🏆A 12+ years-running blog about web development.
httpsterio’s twitter avatarSami Singh's digital life Design, audio, art and too little coffee
mmatuzo’s twitter avatarFront-end Bookmarks 🏆🏆🏆🏆A collection of articles and talks about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
veryartificial’s twitter avatarArtificial Design Design studio site
Default Avatarjaredgorski.org The public writings, projects, and sundry output of Jared Gorski, largely centered on programming and technology. Based in LA/OC, but available worldwide on the web.
polymer’s twitter avatarPolymer Lit Element Starter Sample component project using LitElement with TypeScript
lea_tortay’s twitter avatarLéa Tortay starter A simple eleventy blog starter with fully controlled ui theme, theme options, rss feed and service worker for offline reading.
raymondcamden’s twitter avatarRaymond Camden’s Blog DevRel at large, Star Wars nerd, Web/Serverless hacker, lover of good beer and good books. Oh, and cats.
hj_chen’s twitter avatarDevRel Diaries 🏆Words, design and code, by Chen Hui Jing
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarHawksworx The blog, playground, and generally a home on the web for Phil Hawksworth.
minamarkham’s twitter avatarYoncé Queen Bey-inspired themes for Bash-It, Visual Studio Code, iTerm, Slack & Alfred.
fershad’s twitter avatarChinese Taipei Touch Almanac An almanac website for Chinese Taipei Touch Association.
accudio’s twitter avatarSpeedscanner Automated frontend performance monitoring using WebPageTest
everywhereschl’s twitter avatarEverywhere School Online live education for kids during the Covid-19 pandemic.
josefbiehler’s twitter avatarBiehler Josef Portfolio My journey through art, coding and more
openwc’s twitter avatarOpen Web Component Recommendations Open Web Components provides a set of defaults, recommendations and tools to help facilitate your web component project. Our recommendations include: developing, linting, testing, building, tooling, demoing, publishing and automating.
shannonethomas’s twitter avatarShannon E. Thomas A gallery of techno surrealistic paintings.
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarHylia Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured.
andrewrpucci’s twitter avatarAndrew Pucci Personal portfolio site of a user experience designer. Uses CircleCI to test and deploy to Dreamhost.
croqaz’s twitter avatarCristi Constantin Cr;Lf; - a personal blog and wiki
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarThanks for the reply A fun tool to thank your reply guys
chadonihi’s twitter avatarGuardians Foundation A website and blog of Guardians Foundation, a suffering-abolition think tank.
maelb’s twitter avatarconsole.❤️ A collection of funny, quirky and lovely console messages from around the web
codingchaos’s twitter avatarSarah Higley's personal site A personal site with technical deep dives into web accessibility.
krzychukula’s twitter avatarkula.blog 🏆🏆Personal blog with book reviews and a little programming opinions.
tomayac’s twitter avatarThomas Steiner The personal blog of Thomas Steiner.
kackdev’s twitter avatarKackDev Cartoons from the life of a developer.
jeromecoupe’s twitter avatarWebstoemp Webstoemp is the online home of Jérôme Coupé, a Belgian front-end developer and teacher.
Default AvatarCoral Sea Cable System The Coral Sea Cable System is a 4,700km long fibre optic submarine cable system linking Sydney, Australia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and Honiara, Solomon Islands.
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarMF Blog Starter The child of eleventail and jamstack-web-starter raised by Marc Filleul
jonnyburch’s twitter avatarProgression A marketing site for Progression, the app
chinchang457’s twitter avatarKushagra’s World I am Kushagra Gour a.k.a. Chin Chang (on the Internet). I live in India, working as a Indie Product Maker, building stuff.
hybrid_alex’s twitter avatarAlex Carpenter Front-end Web Developer
_amorgunov’s twitter avatarMorgunov Alexander The personal web site of Alexander, a javascript developer from Siberia.
souramoo’s twitter avatarSouradip Mookerjee's Blog I'm a British Physician-Scientist in-training, building the healthcare technologies of tomorrow. Join me as we discover the latest advances in medicine, from the very front-lines.
realglenndixon’s twitter avatarThe Dixons A Colonial Quaker Family
dailydevtips1’s twitter avatarDaily Dev Tips Daily Development Tips for the Community
mayh9000’s twitter avatarFlat Monthly Fee Curated Services For Fixed Monthly Rate.
unabridgedsoft’s twitter avatarUnabridged Software Unabridged Software specializes in creating robust products that remain easy to change over time.
Default Avatar11tyTips Eleventy static site generator useful tips & tricks.
nejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF 2019 A single day, single track Web Development conference.
layoutplusplus’s twitter avatarEvery Layout 🏆Through a series of simple, composable layouts, Every Layout will teach you how to better harness the built-in algorithms that power browsers and CSS.
5t3ph’s twitter avatarModern CSS Solutions A series examining modern CSS solutions to problems Stephanie Eckles, a seasoned frontend developer, has been solving for 13+ years.
originalzedders’s twitter avatarZachary’s site and blog A personal site and blog about learning web development.
mxbck’s twitter avatarMax Böck I’m Max Böck, a frontend web developer and designer based in Vienna, Austria.
liatrisbian’s twitter avatarSarah Fossheim Personal website of Sarah Fossheim, a multidisciplinary developer and designer located in Norway.
5onderling’s twitter avatarLenny Anders Lenny Anders is a frontend developer based in Kürten, Germany.
cjtype’s twitter avatarCJ Type CJ Type is an independent type design practice and type foundry for retail and custom clients
andreacorinti’s twitter avatarAndrea Corinti An Italian Web World citizen.
ffconf’s twitter avatarffconf ffconf is a full day of eight carefully curated sessions for an audience that cares about the future of the web, and who want their ideas challenged.
davidrhoden’s twitter avatarDavid Rhoden Paintings, illustrations, animations, pointless scribbles, random observations.
mrmowji’s twitter avatarMojtaba Javan's Blog (Persian/Farsi) My minimal blog, migrated from ASP.NET Core to 11ty.
chromiumdev’s twitter avatarweb.dev Get the web's modern capabilities on your own sites and apps with useful guidance and analysis from web.dev.
jonnyburch’s twitter avatarMeals for the NHS A COVID-19 NHS donations site powering £1.25M in donations (so far...).
cthos’s twitter avatarAlex Ward Hello! I'm Alex. I'm a hybrid Mobile app Architect and Consultant located in Portland, Oregon.
ashur’s twitter avatarEats & Drinks 🏆🏆A shortlist of our favorite spots in beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon.
coreydmccarty’s twitter avatarAdventures in Coding A blog about my life as developer.
geshan’s twitter avatarGeshan’s Blog A blog about software engineering, devops and web development.
Default AvatarCafé Iso Café/dinette du quartier, Montréal, Québec.
realglenndixon’s twitter avatarGlenn's Books 🏆🏆🏆🏆My Books Read/Rated/Reviewed
emilyknowshtml’s twitter avatar#DIYPPE Make. Donate. Volunteer. Request. A collection of resources for helping with the #PPEShortage during #COVID19. Find: dozens of grassroots and mutual aid groups taking donations and requests for PPE; Patterns and tutorials for masking DIY masks; Guidelines from medical professionals and design justice folks.
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarRosé Day Site web pour l'événement Rosé Day
4te56’s twitter avatarNoel Forté Noel Forté is a graphic and motion designer based in Boston, MA.
eleven_ty’s twitter avatarEleventy Docs Spoiler alert: it’s this web site.
daviddarnes’s twitter avatarDavid Darnes Anchor Themes is a site showcasing themes for, and sites using, Anchor CMS.
jeremyswinnen’s twitter avatarJeremy Swinnen Jeremy Swinnen is a designer and creative developer focused on building digital products and web experiences for a multitude of platforms.
dodothebird’s twitter avatarDoğan Öztürk | Blog Doğan Öztürk's personal blog for dev related articles in Turkish, mostly.
ndorfin’s twitter avatartactile.co.za - Shaun O’Connell Blog and bio for Shaun O’Connell, a front-end developer based in Wellington, New Zealand
vktrwlt’s twitter avatarVictor Tsang's Portfolio A 11ty Portfolio using Pug Templates, TailwindCSS, and Webpack
acnorrisuk’s twitter avatarAdam Norris - Front-End Developer I build web interfaces with a focus on accessibility and inclusive design.
brettmn’s twitter avatarBrett Nelsons’s Blog A blog about Web development with a focus on Salesforce.com and front-end technologies.
oscarcampos’s twitter avatarOscar Campos’s Blog Dad, Software Dev, Photographer's thoughts and notes
chromiumdev’s twitter avatarChrome Dev Summit 2019 Chrome Dev Summit is an annual conference where developers can learn about the latest tools and updates coming to the Google Chrome browser.
ajmalafif’s twitter avatarAjmal Afif I am a digital designer by trade. Always trying to make time to code more. I really enjoy learning and naturally feel it's a very rewarding experience.
heydonworks’s twitter avatarHeydonworks.com Heydon Pickering's blog about web development and writing
chriskrycho’s twitter avatarChris Krycho Software engineering, writing, podcasting, occasional composing, theology, art...
wiltomakesfood’s twitter avatarWilto Makes Food The professional cooking site of Mat Marquis.
scottishstoater’s twitter avatarChris Collins The personal web site of Chris Collins, a web designer and developer from Scotland.
gourmonds’s twitter avatarGourMonds - Wanne-Eickel BBQ The best bbq club under the moon of Wanne-Eickel, Germany.
edwardhorsford’s twitter avatarEd Horsford Portfolio website for London based designer Ed Horsford.
Default Avatar11ty-encore 11ty using webpack encore
brianfive’s twitter avatarBrian Gershon A blog and bookmark site focused on Eleventy, JavaScript, Go and whatever else Brian finds interesting. Seattle area. Powered by Eleventy.
ninjasoards’s twitter avatarAIGA Louisville Awards 2019 Winners A lightbox display to showcase design awards winners. Built by David Soards with 11ty and Tailwind
dryan’s twitter avatarServiceIndustry.tips Every time you have a drink at home during social distancing, consider tipping a local service industry worker through Venmo or Cash app.
reubenlillie’s twitter avatarReuben L. Lillie A portfolio site written entirely with *.11ty.js templates and hosted by Netlify
lookback’s twitter avatarLookback Talk to your users. See how they’re using your app or website.
saschadiercks’s twitter avatarSascha Diercks Hi, ich bin Sascha - ich kümmere mich um das Interface
defaced’s twitter avatarSEOslides.page A collaborative index of all the digital marketing conference slides, video, and audio recordings.
arpitbatra123’s twitter avatarArpit Batra The personal website and blog of Arpit Batra.
midvintr’s twitter avatarTobias Ljungström Blog posts and demos about all things web development
jpkcom’s twitter avatarJean Pierre Kolb Personal website of Jean Pierre Kolb (Administrator, Consultant, Designer and Developer).
pepopowitz’s twitter avatarSteven Hicks I'm Steven Hicks. I am a web generalist with 20 years of experience. I'm currently focused on React development.
bassetts’s twitter avatarwarp-co.rs Enable CORS headers on any request.
yiddishkeitinfo’s twitter avatarYiddishkeit.info An index for Jewish resources
signalkuppe’s twitter avatarMatteo Leoni Personal blog about my mountain adventures
tatianatmac’s twitter avatarTatiana Mac 🏆🏆🏆🏆Tatiana Mac is an American designer who builds inclusive, accessible, and ethical products with thoughtful practices.
ramigsdev’s twitter avatarRami Shashati My website and tech blog, powered by Eleventy and Gulp
jgarber’s twitter avatarsketchnotes.sixtwothree.org Notes that aren’t really sketches.
kcodeuk’s twitter avatarKingdom Code UK meetup group for Christians working in the world of tech.
isfotis’s twitter avatarFotis Papadogeorgopoulos' Blog 🏆🏆Thoughts, talks, notes, and everything in-between. Personal blog of Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos.
brob’s twitter avatarBryan Robinson’s Blog The blog and portfolio of Bryan Robinson. Design and Dev topics
jdsteinbach’s twitter avatarJames Steinbach The personal web site of James Steinbach: Front-end architect, Speaker & Writer.
fontspeed’s twitter avatarfontspeed A faster way to load web fonts.
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarSam Smith Designer, coder, and occasional blogger and photographer.
austinjs’s twitter avatarAustin JavaScript A community-driven group that meets regularly in Austin, Texas, to discuss JavaScript and the open web.
dtroode’s twitter avatarDavid Kistauri's Blog 🏆A blog about web development, design and math.
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarTe'OraNa Institut de beauté et de bien-être
Default AvatarHair Scalp Center Renowned provider of Scalp Micropigmentation services (SMP) in Thailand
Default AvatarCarl Evans Carl Evans' Portfolio. Sharing projects, career, and thoughts
mohitkarekar’s twitter avatarMohit Karekar Personal website and blog of a Software Engineer | JavaScript | Open Source
leedsjs’s twitter avatarLeedsJS 🏆LeedsJS is a free, monthly meetup based in Leeds. We focus on JavaScript in all it's forms, whether that's frontend development, Node.js or hardware.
herr_rise’s twitter avatarStjær By-Portal Website of Danish village Stjær, local news and community content since 2003. Updated to 11ty, Tailwind CSS, Netlify in 2020.
pianomanfrazier’s twitter avatarLilypond in Markdown Render lilypond (sheet) music from inside a markdown file using 11ty.
shanehudson’s twitter avatarInterviews by Shane Hudson A site dedicated to interviews with anonymous people about product teams.
vladzinculescu’s twitter avatarThe CSS3 Logos Project Famous Logos Designed Entirely in CSS3, plus other CSS experiments
bartzia’s twitter avatarIván Barcia Web Designer and developer interested in CSS, JavaScript, Design, UX, Product Development, and all about frontend stuff.
_coolcut’s twitter avatarJan Früchtl’s personal site A personal site of Jan Früchtl
casseylottman’s twitter avatarToday Cassey Learned Things that Cassey has learned today.
aaronpeters’s twitter avatarAaron Peters Freelance web performance consultant & engineer. I write long blog posts.
thejoshcrain’s twitter avatarJosh Crain Josh Crain has experience as a web designer, product designer, and front-end developer.
filamentgroup’s twitter avatarFilament Group We help companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone.
laceysnr’s twitter avatarMatt Lacey A personal blog about software development and ongoing projects
Default AvatarStep by Step, Eleventy Demo Step by Step, Eleventy Demo
b0neskull’s twitter avatarMocha A feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun.
Default AvatarLightspeed: Web Performance Optimization We work with companies like yours to speed up your site to improve business outcomes and engagement metrics.
jeffposnick’s twitter avatarJeff Posnick The blog of Jeff Posnick (of Google's Web DevRel Team)
yatil’s twitter avataryatil.net The personal site and blog of Web Accessibility Specialist Eric Eggert.
bauhouse’s twitter avatarEleventy Starter Ghost v3 A starter template to build completely static websites with Ghost 3.0 & Eleventy
ansimorph’s twitter avatarBjörn Ganslandt Björn Ganslandt is a freelance frontend developer based in Vienna
nhoizey’s twitter avatarnho.io The personnal short URL manager of Nicolas Hoizey, using 1y, powered by Eleventy
smthdotuk’s twitter avatarProper Noun A collection of names (and, more importantly, faces).
toddlibby’s twitter avatarTodd Libby Personal blog of Todd Libby.
dassurma’s twitter avatarSurma Web Advocate @Google. Internetrovert 🏳️‍🌈 Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.
Default AvatarYoghaswara's Dev My tech notes, random stuff and codes.
_edjw’s twitter avatarEd Johnson-Williams’ Blog 🏆Ed's personal website
jamesdoc’s twitter avatarSecond of May Wedding invite site for James and Nat
erikkroes’s twitter avatarSolid Start Are you a person that makes things for other people? Awesome—because this page is all about making things for people.
Default AvatarJayanta Chakraborti Jayanta Chakraborti is an Associate Professor of Business Analytics and Digital Marketing at ICFAI University Tripura.
marcfilleul’s twitter avatarAmbiance Feu Jotul Store Marseille Aubagne
mrmowji’s twitter avatarQuesthink Questions to think about.
nothingrandom’s twitter avatarBenjamin Hollway's personal site The personal blog of Benjamin Hollway, with recipies, blog posts, search, and projects generated from GitHub.
trey’s twitter avatarStephen King Checklist A simple checklist of Stephen King books.
ryzokuken’s twitter avatarUjjwal “Ryzokuken” Sharma Core collaborator @nodejs, Prole @electronjs. International Speaker and JavaScript/C++ developer. Helping out with @v8js and @tc39. GSoC mentor and ex-student.
cezaraugusto’s twitter avatarCezar Augusto I work at Brave, hacking on the client-side. I like talking about tooling, performance, and JavaScript.
surajsjdhv’s twitter avatarSuraj Jadhav A personal website for Suraj Jadhav
ilithya_net’s twitter avatarilithya Personal site of a creative developer, designer and digital artist.
lea_tortay’s twitter avatarLéa Tortay website 🏆My personnal website as frontend dev
realglenndixon’s twitter avatarVagabondians Our travel blog - Escape Normal - Explore Your World
hankchizljaw’s twitter avatarDevelopurrs An interview series where I talk to web professionals about their beloved pets...and tech, I suppose.
Default AvatarHamsterSquare German website for keeping hamsters as pets.
chinchang457’s twitter avatarPrakriti Prakriti is our effort towards making Earth a better place by connecting everyone with Nature
Default AvatarChuanqi Sun I built an information hub for a local mountain biking club, which won me lots of praises from bikers
nlc_hq’s twitter avatarThe National Leadership Centre website A site providing information on the UK government National Leadership Centre
psylok’s twitter avatarGiorgio Pretto personal website UX Designer with a background in FrontEnd dev
bradtaunt’s twitter avatarBradley Taunt Front-end designer & developer
Default AvatarChercheur d'Art Intended for art historians and collectors of old masters paintings, make use of the latest web technologies for image processing.
pfrido’s twitter avatarPetrzalka.info Projects in Petržalka is a web-page about development projects in Petržalka. It collects open information from government pages. Plans, deadlines, government resolutions (and next) are summarized and displayed attractively.
andeersg’s twitter avatarAnders Grendstadbakk Personal website of Anders Grendstadbakk
bramsmulders’s twitter avatarbram is The personal web site of Bram Smulders, a front-end UI engineer and music producer
ckirknielsen’s twitter avatarChristopher Kirk-Nielsen‘s Personal Site A creative developer's little neon home.
alshie’s twitter avatarDoes It Flip? 🏆🏆A site listing all Nintendo Switch games compatible with the Flip grip accessory. Submissions are welcome via https://github.com/Alshie/does-it-flip
mxbck’s twitter avatarEmergency Site A template for emergency information websites.
dandevri’s twitter avatarDanny de Vries This is the personal site of Danny de Vries, Indie Maker building digital products for the web and lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
dennisview’s twitter avatarDennis Hagemeier Personal website of Dennis Hagemeier, Digital Marketing Manager from Germany.
deletescape’s twitter avatardeletescape (Till Kottmann) Till Kottmann, Android developer and tinkerer.
vincentlistens’s twitter avatarVincent Pickering Service design, UI, UX, HTML, CSS and IndieWeb
rodrigoknol’s twitter avatarGerencia Leite A web app platform to help dairy farm management
cadotgov’s twitter avatarCalifornia Coronavirus COVID-19 Response We are all in this together. We are working rapidly to keep our state healthy.
devolute’s twitter avatarCW2 Architects A design and consultancy service, inspired by the craft and tectonics of construction.
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarEvent listing from Notist An example of Notist's JSON feed driving event listings on your own, pre-rendered site.
mikeriethmuller’s twitter avatarMadeByMike A blog by Mike Riethmuller.
jgarber’s twitter avatarNext Thing Co. Docs A mirror of the defunct Next Thing Co. documentation website.
nhoizey’s twitter avatarNicolas Hoizey 🏆🏆The personnal website of Nicolas Hoizey, passionate about the Web and photography, among many other interests. Using Eleventy, responsive images with Cloudinary, Webmention, search with Algolia, etc.
curtisj44’s twitter avatarCurtis Jurgensen I’m Curtis Jurgensen, a software engineer who loves building and designing for the web.
itsleeohgee’s twitter avatarLeo Generali Personal website for Leo Generali, a software engineer based out of Ann Arbor, MI.
levimcg’s twitter avatarLevi McGranahan I'm a UX designer trying to help make the web more usable and accessible for everyone.