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Join the Eleventy Super Professional Business Network

2021 February 26
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In the past week I’ve gotten two requests for recommendations for web developers and the best idea I had was to point people to the Eleventy Authors page—but I didn’t know who was freelancing and who wasn’t!

Then I thought y’all might want to let me know if you’re freelancing to make it easier for folks to find you and do business! Thus, the Eleventy Super Professional Business Network was born.

If you want to be listed on the network, find your site JSON in the 11ty-community repo and add your business_* properties. The business_url property is the only thing that’s required. Here are a few valid samples:

"url": "",
"name": "Zach Leatherman",
"twitter": "zachleat",
"business_url": ""
"url": "",
"name": "Zach Leatherman",
"twitter": "zachleat",
"business_url": "",
"business_name": "zachleat Web Design Company"

This is what it’ll look like on the site:

Sample rendering of a few fake network entries

This business information will also show on your Eleventy Author page too.

Currently the Eleventy Super Professional Business Network is available only to active Open Collective supporters at the Backer tier or above (currently only $5/month). Based on the success of the Business Network the minimum required contribution may increase in the future.

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