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This page shows activity from the Eleventy Blog, Quick Tips, YouTube channel, Mastodon account, and all GitHub releases (all of 11ty org repositories).


We’re looking for someone to help out with Eleventy Vite plugin maintenance—if you’re interested, please get in touch!

More resources are now available on the Collections page thanks to @bobmonsour!

🚢🛳⛴🚀📦 Eleventy Bundle Plugin v1.0.5

Includes a small PR fix for bundles in serverless mode.

Thanks @ashur!

Shipped a small change to the IndieWeb Avatar service this morning:

The fallback avatar is now a blank space instead of the grayscale 11ty logo.

Leaderboards are leaderboarding 👀

why… why is everyone boosting this 👀

Friday night drops the most controversial change of the 3.0 release yet:

We’re switching to Tabs.

Progress Update:

v9 of eleventy-base-blog is successfully using ESM with Eleventy 3.0.

A brand new mascot commissioned from @reverentgeek has wandered on to the web site!

If you have a name idea for this critter, please let us know!

Unearthed an old API that might be helpful to folks:

You can change the default syntax used in your front matter project-wide in your configuration file.

Available in Eleventy 0.9.0+

And we added it to the docs:

Eleventy 3.0 progress update:

We’ve added a new feature that will be familar to folks using WebC. You can use arbitrary JavaScript in your front matter.

Read more/discuss here:

Eleventy 3.0 update:

ESM branch merged 🎉

We’ve shipped more community resources to courtesy of @bobmonsour’s!

Thank you Bob!

Community resources for this page are now sourced from thanks to @bobmonsour:

Thanks Bob!