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Some great Eleventy mentions here: 🙌🏻

> We prefer static site generators and have leaned on 11ty extensively in recent years. Some people find this surprising, but we find the advantages in each area — simplicity, stability, security, and speed — to be compelling. Delivering a simple, static html file in the browser allows us to more easily meet performance, seo, and accessibility goals while keeping an eye on future compatibility.

🚨 Eleventy Image v3.1.1 is an important `sharp` dependency upgrade for a libwebp vulnerability. This is very important if you’re using Eleventy Image to process untrusted images.

Please upgrade!

Read more about the vulnerability:

Arbitrary milestone alert: Eleventy has hit 15000 GitHub Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️🏆

Thanks for the support!! 🙌🏻

@janmon on their migration to Eleventy:

“This site is now 300kB lighter, loads and builds much faster and uses only native web features under the hood (including web components, thanks to WebC). The hardest part was to change all the className attributes to class 😅.”

Congratulations to our friends over at @astro for their 3.0 release!

yes this happened last month but… *gestures wildly at everything* 😅



We come to you now with an Officially Big Announcement regarding a new partnership between Eleventy and @cloudcannon:

There will be a Big Eleventy Announcement today! Stay tuned!

We’ll be closing up the Eleventy Community Survey soon!

After close, we’ll share the most popular template languages, plugins, hosts, and integrations from the 430+ submissions.

If you haven’t participated yet, please do—thank you!

To address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation, we’ve applied the following temporary limits:

- Builds are limited to two and a half pages, that’s enough for two SPAs and a privacy policy
- Only client-JavaScript content will be allowed, as we all know bots are incapable of understanding it at scale