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NameAuthorDescriptionLighthouse Score
eleventy-base-blogeleven_tyOfficialHow to build a blog web site with Eleventy.
eleventy-on-glitcheleven_tyOfficialA playground site for Eleventy on Glitch with live rendered views right on the web!
Tai11sdanfasciadanfasciaAn Eleventy starter with Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS
eleventy-shortcompsduncanadamduncanadamStarter project for static site by Adam Duncan, using Eleventy and shortcode components pattern.
ElevenpackdeviousdododeviousdodoAn Eleventy starter pack with webpack, PostCSS and cache busting for production deployments.
11rA blog template and theme using 11ty, TailwindCSS, Rollup, Prism syntax highlighting, etc.
Twenty NinetyseancdavisseancdavisA production-ready starter kit, optimized for performance.
1ynhoizeynhoizeyA template project to build a short URL manager with Eleventy
kailoon.comMy simple portfolio blog built using 11th and tailwindcss.
About MePersonal website template, built with Eleventy.
Résumé TemplatetreytreyAn 11ty template project for a résumé.
eleventy-blog-mnmlarpitbatra123arpitbatra123A minimal blog template using eleventy
Eleventy Starter GhostDavidDarnesDavidDarnesA starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy.
11ty FeedbackDefault AvatartmnsAn 11ty starter project for carrying out better feedback exchanges with coworkers, clients, and so on.
SpacebookbroekerbroekerCreate fast and simple documentation to explain almost anything. Using Eleventy, Tailwind 2.0, Alpine.js, and Netlify CMS (optional).
eleventastic-kontentmakmamakmaA simple Eleventy Starter Kit based on Eleventastic with content powered by Kontent CMS.
Link-in-Bio 11tyCasseyLottmanCasseyLottmanA single page containing a list of links generated from data defined in JS
11ty-Contentful-StartershyruparelshyruparelAn Eleventy powered multipage starter project that uses Contentful to create, and manage pages. The front end utilizes the HTML5UP Solid State theme for layout and styling.
Blank Slate v2treytreyStart a fresh website using 11ty to do a bunch of stuff.
11ty-bs5-starterthomashoenigthomashoenigBootstrap 5 starter for 11ty. Developed with rapid prototyping, easy customization/theming and fast loading times in mind.
11ty landing page starterttntmttntmA simple landing page built with 11ty and Tailwind CSS.
windty 🌬️distantcamdistantcamWindty is a basic template using 11ty and Tailwind, and deploys to github pages.
~glitch-hello-eleventyDefault AvatarGlitch.comBuild a new Eleventy generated static site with this official Glitch starter app.
Eleventy Starter BoilerplateIxartzIxartz🚀 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. ⚡️ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.
eleventy-sitebjankordbjankordA simple Eleventy site
airleventyBuild static websites with 11ty, Sass for CSS, and modern JavaScript.
eleventy-sanity-blog-boilerplatekmelvekmelveAn eleventy + headless CMS blog boilerplate. Includes Sanity Studio, quick start, config and instructions for deploying on Netlify and `now`.
SupermayaMikeRiethmullerMikeRiethmullerSupermaya is an Eleventy starter kit designed to help you add rich features to a blog or website without the need for a complicated build process.
Skeleventyjoe_dyer1joe_dyer1A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.
eleventy-tailwindcss-alpinejs-startergregwolanskigregwolanskiMinimalism + Eleventy + Tailwind CSS + Alpine.js
micrositedandevridandevriOpinionated micro front-end that sets common 11ty defaults. Great for creating landing pages.
Eleventy High Performance BlogcramforcecramforceA high performance blog template for the 11ty static site generator.
11st-Starter-Kitstefanfredestefanfrede11ty, powered by Snowpack with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.
Eleventy Solo Starter (.njk version)BryceWrayTXBryceWrayTXEleventy starter with PostCSS, Tailwind CSS, Lazyload (“vanilla lazyload”), and build-time creation and processing of responsive images; Nunjucks templating, with alternate JavaScript-based (.11ty.js) version.
TEA StackmattwalermattwalerA starting point with TailwindCSS, 11ty, and AlpineJS ready to roll.
Minimal 11ty + Tailwind StartertomreinerttomreinertA very minimal, beginner-friendly starter with tailwind and a smart navigation component.
🍦.11ty.jsreubenlilliereubenlillieHow to build an extensible blog with JavaScript templates (*.11ty.js files).
Miayam 11ty Starter ProjectmiayammiayamA brutalist 11ty starter project built with as little tooling as possible. Atomic Design, Webpack, Pug, SCSS, Vanilla JS
eleventyonephilhawksworthphilhawksworthis an Eleventy scaffold project created by the legendary Phil Hawksworth. Makes use of Eleventy and PostCSS.
Pugsumvktrwltvktrwlt11ty starter kit using TailwindCSS, Pug, and Webpack
11ty-Contentful-Photo-GalleryshyruparelshyruparelA Photo Gallery made using Contentful and 11ty, deployed via GitHub Actions and hosted on GitHub Pages.
11typrojectDefault AvatarBruno Barros11ty very light but useful landing page with video and extra url with amp-story
11ty-encoredisjfadisjfa11ty using webpack encore
Eleventy SkeletonDefault AvatarGeorge TreviranusBarebones Eleventy. No dependencies or preprocessors.
til-blogCasseyLottmanCasseyLottmanA project showing a basic blog with tags, based on eleventy-base-blog and optimized for Glitch.
pack11tynhoizeynhoizeyAn opinionated template for Eleventy projects, with automated collections from folders hierarchy, assets bundling (with Rollup and Sass), responsive images, Service Worker, etc.
11TAshanerobinsonshanerobinson11TA is a deeply customizable, full-featured, ready-to-publish blog/marketing template system built with 11ty, TailwindCSS, & Alpine.js
Rocket11tyaboutDavidaboutDavidA simple 11ty blog with Halfmoon CSS based on 11ty/eleventy-base-blog
Captain's LogDefault AvatartskarhedAn old timey blog theme with blog posts that looks like old letters.
XITY StarterequinusocioequinusocioA bare bone blog-ready starter based on PostCSS, Native Elements and Parcel. With RSS feed and service worker out of the box!
Simple JournalscottishstoaterscottishstoaterA simple journal/photo log website built on top of 11ty.
11ty Netlify Jumpstart5t3ph5t3phIncludes a minimal Sass framework, and generated sitemap, RSS feed, and social share preview images.
11ty-Collected-Notesjenarocjenaroc11ty + Collected Notes API
11ty-startercraigbucklercraigbucklerDemonstration static site and blog using Eleventy as a build tool for all content, CSS, JavaScript, and images.
eleventy-netlify-boilerplateDanUrbanowiczDanUrbanowiczA template for building a simple blog web site with Eleventy and deploying it to Netlify. Includes Netlify CMS and Netlify Forms.
eleventasticmxbckmxbckA simple Eleventy Starter Kit, the Max Böck base for all new 11ty projects.
11tybyjhukdevjhukdev11tyby tries to emulate the great DX of Gatsby, but with 11ty! It's setup with TypeScript, SASS, CSS Modules, Webpack, Preact and more. All optimised for performance.
Hyliapiccalilli_piccalilli_is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes.
Eleventy NEAT StartersurjithctlysurjithctlyEleventy Starter Template with NEAT Stack - Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alphine JS & Tailwind CSS
SevenplanetofthewebplanetofthewebAn eleventy template based on bootstrap4layouts. Includes webpack, sass version of bootstrap, vue.js powered search and a whole lot more.
Eleventy Chirpy Blog Templatemuenzpraegermuenzpraeger11ty version of the popular Chirpy Jekyll blog template.
eleventy-webpackclenemtclenemtA barebone Eleventy and Webpack boilerplate 🎈
Books!treytreyA little, personal search engine homepage based on Blank2.
11ty-blog-starterDefault AvatarkohrongyingMinimal blog template. Supports browsing in the internet without Javascript.
Eleventy DuoyinkakunyinkakunEleventy Duo is a production-ready and SEO-friendly starter for building a blog or personal website. Comes with a customizable duotone theme, minimal and clean design.
YAES22mahmoud22mahmoudStarter kit for your next eleventy(11ty) project using postcss, es6, snowpack, webpack.
jet 🛩marcamosmarcamosIt’s (j)ust (e)leventy and (t)ailwind … OK, and a few other things; it’s still really small though.
Jamstack Web StarterscottishstoaterscottishstoaterA modern static website workflow using Eleventy, Tailwind CSS, Webpack and PostCSS.
11ty-nostrilsDefault AvatarcbergenA starter config for Eleventy with pipelines for Typescript and PostCSS.
Twelvetygregiv_esgregiv_esTwelvety is an Eleventy starter project built to be fast, with component architecture, CSS & JS pipelines, a responsive picture shortcode with WebP support and more
Eleventy ReactsignalkuppesignalkuppeUse React, styled components and storybook in Eleventy
WP 11tyjhackett1jhackett1A minimal example showing how to use the WordPress API to drive a static Eleventy frontend.
Eleventy Solo Starter (.11ty.js version)BryceWrayTXBryceWrayTXEleventy starter with PostCSS, Tailwind CSS, Lazyload (“vanilla lazyload”), and build-time creation and processing of responsive images; .11ty.js templating, with alternate Nunjucks-based (.njk) version.
11ty-notes11ty-notes is an Eleventy starter to manage your notes so you don't forget stuff
vredeburgdafiulhdafiulhA simple starter project to create a blog using Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.
Eleventy GardenbinyamingreenbinyamingreenA starter site for building a digital garden, or personal wiki, in Eleventy.
Eleventy-AgilityCMS-Starter-BlogjoelvartyjoelvartyA starter blog using Eleventy and powered by Agility CMS with full page and module management. Uses TailwindCSS and Alpine.js.
eastslopestudio eleventy-starterryanscherlerryanscherlerA project scaffold for quickly starting a site build with Tailwindcss, PurgeCSS, Parcel JS
Purple: Eleventy + Stylus Starter BlogDefault Avatarar363A nice looking, simple blog theme built with Eleventy SSG and Stylus Preprocessor
jace-tyjacebensonjacebensonSearch, Folders for Posts, for comments
eleventy-starter-typescriptc0derabbitc0derabbitUnopinionated, minimal starter with TypeScript templates.
eleventy-agile-blogmjgsmjgsA minimal blog template using Eleventy, this one implements a simple agile development workflow so you can get stuff done
Eleventy Filter Coffee StarteryeshyeshA simple Eleventy starter kit with css compiled with Gulp, image optimization with imagemin and asset hashing.
deventythatianrosethatianroseA minimal 11ty starting point for building static websites with modern tools.
FundamentyysahnparkysahnparkMulti-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab Pages-ready. TailwindCSS+Webpack.
ElfstowballstowballElf is a simple, magical starter kit using webpack, Babel and Sass.
SmixhirusihirusiA starter with: modular gulp asset pipeline, PostCSS, ES2015 JS, blog-ready, set-up for Forestry CMS, production-ready TailwindCSS, easy dark mode theming
Eleventy Classic Blog Starter (ECBS)tigerswaynettigerswaynetA starter template to build a classic `Hyde` blog with Eleventy.
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