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A new Eleventy mascot from David Neal!

2023 November 03
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Update 2024 January 31—this mascot’s name has been selected and it is Elle!

The Eleventy Mascot is now officially a series! This time we’ve been lucky enough to snag a commission from David Neal, a very talented artist and long-time Eleventy enthusiast!

David was so excited to deliver this one and we think he absolutely nailed it. Thank you David!!

Have an idea for this critter’s name? Tell us on Mastodon!

A possum in glasses suspended from a red balloon

Read more about David on his web site.

Hi! My name is David Neal. I am a family man, geek, musician, illustrator, international speaker, software developer, author, and Microsoft MVP living in North GA. I am currently a Developer Advoduck 🥑 🦆 for MotherDuck 😄 In the past, I have been a Principal Developer Advocate for Pluralsight, Developer Relations Manager at ActiveCampaign, Senior Developer Advocate at Okta, and Developer Advocate at LeanKit. Before DevRel, I spent many years building high-performance, scalable web applications. I run on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and JavaScript, and I'm entirely made of bacon 🥓.

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(Unknown Name)
James Williamson. 22 May 2018. Before the possum, there was the cat
James Williamson. 22 May 2018. James pioneered the static-generating possum.
Phineas X. Jones. 18 December 2019. Our first commissioned iteration.
Masked Grumpy
Remixed by Ben Brignell. 7 July 2020
(Not yet named)
Geri Coady. July 2021. Our second commission! The community has grown.
David Neal. November 2023. Our third commission! We’re getting smarter.

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