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State of the Jamstack Survey 2020 Results

Yes, it took me a long while to add this to the blog but I did want to include it in the archives. Netlify does a Jamstack Community Survey every year to gauge trends in the Jamstack world and the results post had a glowing mention of Eleventy:

A bubble chart showing web frameworks. On the horizontal axis, total respondents reporting usage, they are ordered as: React (63%), then jQuery, express, Gatsby, Vue, Next, Nuxt, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Huge, Svelte 11ty (11%). On the vertical axis, satisfaction score, they are ordered: 11ty, Nuxt, Svelte, Next, Vue, Gatsby, React, Express, Hugo, Angular 2+, jQuery, AngularJS.

Relative newcomer 11ty had an amazing satisfaction score

Really appreciate the support, everyone!

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