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Eleventy Docs Moved from to

2019 December 05
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The Eleventy project is deprecating the domain and moving to now has feature parity and the DNS will begin redirecting to as soon as your DNS updates.

A couple of wrinkles here:

This was no small thing! (But it wasn’t too terrible either). We migrated:

Why? Jump to heading

This has been on the agenda for about six months. GitHub Avatar for TatianaMacTatiana Mac said it better:

Some good discussion on Tatiana’s tweet about this as well.

Cool URIs Don’t Change Jump to heading

A number of you lovely people 🧐 have pointed out that our documentation prominently links to the classic W3C slogan “Cool URIs don’t change.” While it may be tempting to latch onto the dictionary definition of change, the spirit of this idea still holds true! Published URLs are a maintenance task and our prior URLs are still being actively maintained with redirects.

A small step in the right direction Jump to heading

This may be a purely symbolic gesture for now as we do plan to keep the .io redirects in place for awhile. But having our canonical domain off of the .io TLD is an important gesture to make and creates space to retire .io completely at some point in the future. Appreciate your patience with this transition.

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