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Use Eleventy Edge to deliver dynamic web sites on the Edge

I am very proud to introduce a brand new addition to Eleventy: Eleventy Edge.

Eleventy Edge is an exciting new way to add dynamic content to your Eleventy templates. With a simple Eleventy shortcode you can opt-in a part of your Eleventy template to run on an Edge server, allowing your site to use dynamic, user-specific content!

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Here are a few ideas of things you could do with the new Eleventy Edge plugin:

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You can use Eleventy Edge with your existing projects and templates—render just a portion of your build template on the Edge:

Syntax Nunjucks, Liquid
The content outside of the `edge` shortcode is generated with the Build.

{% edge %}
The content inside of the `edge` shortcode is generated on the Edge.

* Use a query param value here.
* Use a cookie value here.
* All without clientside JS.
{% endedge %}

This feature makes heavy use of Netlify’s new Edge Functions feature to run Eleventy in Deno on Edge servers. It continues Eleventy’s architectural dedication to markup-first zero-clientside JavaScript solutions to deliver the fast and scalable dynamic web sites. Check out our introductory demos and watch for more content to come discussing this exciting new feature.

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