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Eleventy v2.0.0, The Stable Release

2023 February 08
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Eleventy v2.0.0 is now available! You can try it out now:

# Local project
npm install @11ty/eleventy@latest

# Global install
npm install @11ty/eleventy@latest -g

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Eleventy is a flexible and production-ready site generator known for its zero-client-JavaScript footprint, speedy sites, speedy builds, and full control over the output. Watch The State of Eleventy in Two Minutes or read more about Eleventy’s project goals.

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Rather than review this list, it’d be faster to use the eleventy-upgrade-helper plugin, which runs a suite of tests to see whether or not you need to worry about these breaking changes in your project:

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This project would not be possible without our lovely community. Thank you to everyone that built something with Eleventy (×684 authors on our web site!), wrote a blog post about Eleventy, contributed code, wrote a plugins, helped with documentation, asked questions, answered questions, braved The Leaderboards, participated on Discord, filed issues, attended (or organized!) a meetup, said a kind word on social media ❤️.

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@AleksandrHovhannisyan 🆕, @amareshsm ×2 🆕, @binyamin, @DamianOsipiuk 🆕, @epelc ×2 🆕, @j-f1 🆕, @Jaza 🆕, @kentaroi 🆕, @kev4ev 🆕, @LeoSchae 🆕, @milahu ×3, @nasivuela 🆕, @NickColley 🆕, @NotWoods, @Obayanju 🆕, @Snapstromegon ×16 (wow! 🤯), @TheDocTrier 🆕, @thinkverse 🆕, @TigersWay 🆕, @wes-goulet 🆕, @mrmartineau 🆕, @danburzo 🆕

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