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Quick Tip #011—Use local plugins to reduce config file size

Is your .eleventy.js file getting too large? You can create your own plugin to move some code out.

First, create a plugin file. We recommend creating a config or _config folder in your project to store config files in. Make sure that folder isn’t getting copied out to your built site. Then create a file in that folder. It doesn’t matter what you name it.

Filename config/local-plugin.js
module.exports = function (eleventyConfig) {
// Move any code you want from `.eleventy.js` to here
Any variables defined in your .eleventy.js file will not be available to your plugin. Consider moving those variables into your plugin file, or passing them in as options.

Next, use the eleventyConfig.addPlugin() method to add your plugin.

Filename .eleventy.js
module.exports = function (eleventyConfig) {